[GLOBE] CPROXY 1.1 (update as of April 19, 2011)

1. After long tests we present a new CPROXY version for all Globe users. It uses UDP protocol so it isn't so stable as current CPROXY version, but it allows to bypass restrictions of your ISP.

Well there you go guys, no need for Parent Proxies.

Have fun.

Tutorial link here



2.1 Hotmail Alias Account Creator

2.2 Yahoo Emial Account Creator

2.3 Cproxy Account Signer


3. You can contact us at Facebook
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Pinger, a freeware utility, is use to display connection status to specified site/host. Standard Ping (ICMP) protocol is use to check host availability, so it can be used to monitor connection status to any site, like or any computer in your home/office network. 

It makes your connection stable by preventing idle status. Works best to any tunneling application like cproxy,ultrasurf, etc.

Appearance is highly customizable: you can adjust all colors, brick and gaps sizes. Graph and History display modes allow you to monitor connection status in most convenient way.

Blink mode makes it easy to see connection is poor or lost. It is also possible to add sound notification on connection lost or restored.

Compact / Full modes allow you to monitor longer time period. Floating window can become semi-transparent.Adjustable Ping Timeout and Ping Delay make it possible to adjust ALSEDI Pinger to reflect connection status in most accurate way depending on your ISP/Network quality.

ALSEDI Pinger can be minimized to System Tray. Even minimized, System Tray Icon color will reflect connection status changing it’s color.

Download: Pinger 


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