[GLOBE] CPROXY 1.1 (update as of April 19, 2011)

1. After long tests we present a new CPROXY version for all Globe users. It uses UDP protocol so it isn't so stable as current CPROXY version, but it allows to bypass restrictions of your ISP.

Well there you go guys, no need for Parent Proxies.

Have fun.

Tutorial link here



2.1 Hotmail Alias Account Creator

2.2 Yahoo Emial Account Creator

2.3 Cproxy Account Signer


3. You can contact us at Facebook
account no. 1
account no. 2

Magic IP + Proxifier

For a better FBT/UBT connection, you can use PROXIFIER to make all application/browsers to have direct connection, that is, no configuration is needed just set them to ‘no proxy’ just like you have a load balance. 

Nakakapagod din kasi na lagyan ng IP ang
lahat ng koConnect sa NET :) 


1.) Download Proxifier here, Install then run. (Crack Included)
   Links here:  Proxifier Software

2.) Click on Options tab then Proxy Settings...

3.) Next click add button for inputting new IP (magic IP).

4.) On Proxy Server Address, just input the MAGIC IP that you want to use then choose HTTPS as PROTOCOL. ( : 80 is working for globe)

More Magic Ip here >  Magic IP's

5.) Choose the server that we add then press OK


6.) Next Go to Options tab>Advance>HTTP TRAFFIC 

7.) Input the follOwing IP same as the IP that we used in setting up the PROXY SERVER then press OK.

8.) Connect your dashboard using default profile. (Globe-Prepaid, Smartbro)

9.) Set your browser to ‘no proxy’ settings.



Enjoy surfing! (YM,Skype,other application may still not work)

For Facebook full site view,  follow the instructions on : Links

MAGIC IP: Alternative Free/update as of 5/7/2011, saturday

This IP were inherent to the ISP (globe/smart) and thus called ‘magic’ because they can be use for free/unlimited browsing technique (FBT/UBT) even without any third party application. Just put them in your browser’s setting and they will work. They are also working even the ISP is on maintenance.

This magic IP’s works best on wapsites that’s why they are very common in mobile fbt/ubt such as cell phone. However, they have average speed and differ on every location. Some desktop view websites such as Facebook, Yahoo E-mails.etc that uses Https connection are harder to enter, sometimes inaccessible at all. Not working on any 3rd party application such as YM,Skype,Cproxy,Ultrasurf etc.

update as of 5/7/2011, saturday

 new magic ip  

10.200. 79.206 ,, 

Magic proxy all port are 80

Instructions: (Setting-up your browsers)

---------------------Google Chrome------------------------

After that, connect your dashboard using default profile (globe prepaid, smartbro).

More working proxies hereMore Proxies

For Facebook, follow this instruction. (Also works with magic IP plus proxifier)

                                           Log-in your account

                          While log-in, navigate to

Scroll to the bottom of the page then click ‘Full site’.

Note: New update as of April 14, 2011

For Facebook chat and eMails, download and open this bookmark using your default browser where magic IP is set. (Use winrar or any other apps to extract the file)

Here > download link 

                                                 Video Tutorial

                                Facebook via magic IP Video Tutorial

Switch Between Google Accounts Faster With Account Switcher [Chrome]

Gmail is so great that one account just isn’t enough. Many users manage multiple Gmail accounts  for work and for personal use. Having a singular efficient interface to manage emails from is great but switching between different account, not so great. You can switch between different Google accounts right from the Google UI with the Account Switcher for Google Gmail™ accounts extension for Chrome.
Google Account switcher
An extremely useful and simple extension, the Account Switcher appears when you sign into any Google account as a link next to your account in the upper right hand corner. Before you can start using the extension, add the different accounts you use from the extension’s options, you can enter your user name and password or just your username. The extension stores the information you enter on the browser and does not save it anywhere else.
When the Switch account button is clicked, a drop down lists the accounts you’ve saved, choose whichever one you want to sign in with. You will automatically be signed out of the account. If you saved the password for the account in the extension settings, you will automatically be logged in to the other account. If you chose not to enter your password, you will be signed out of Google and taken to the log in page with the Username field prefilled with the account you selected.
The developer has given the disclaimer ‘We DO NOT guarantee the security of the passwords’, so for those concerned with password security, you can skip entering your password when you add an account to the extension.  You will have to enter the password yourself when the Sign In page opens.
Install Account Switcher For Google Gmail™ Accounts For Chrome
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Gary Marshall: How iTunes Match hopes to stop you switching to Google Music

If you wanted to describe the online reaction to iTunes Match in one word, that word would be "yarrrrr".
By scanning your library and syncing legitimate AAC files when it finds a match, some said, iTunes was effectively offering money laundering for music: chuck your torrented, low bitrate tunes in one end and get your shiny legal 256Kbps AACs out of the other.
It's a pirate party mix!
I don't think that's how it's going to pan out.
First and foremost, if you're a huge torrenter then you're not going to suddenly start paying for a service that syncs all the stuff you weren't willing to pay money to acquire in the first place. iTunes Match isn't hugely expensive, but it's still cash.
Secondly, if you're a huge torrenter then you'll be thoroughly unimpressed by the prospects of 256Kbps AACs anyway. You need to be a pretty poor pirate to end up with low-bitrate rips when everything's a 320Kbps MP3 or a FLAC file - the quality upgrade's more relevant to those of us who were ripping our CDs in the days when MP3 player storage was still a problem and bitrates were a trade-off between good-enough quality and small-enough files.
And thirdly, Apple doesn't care anyway. It's got other digital fish to fry.
Your music matters
I don't doubt that some people will use iTunes Match to sync music they didn't buy, but it's not as if that represents a lost sale for anyone: they've had the songs before iTunes Match came along, and all iTunes Match is doing is helping to move them about a bit. It's hardly facilitating piracy.
What it is doing, though, is encouraging inertia. Inertia keeps everything Apple, and keeps you buying Apple hardware. Inertia is why Apple's announced iMessage, a chat system that bypasses SMS charges but only works with Apple kit, and it's why Apple's introduced iTunes Match.
Apps are an example of inertia. I've spent so much money on iOS apps, and come to rely on so many of them, that Apple would have to do something unspeakably evil such as shoot my dog before I'd jump ship to a rival OS.
Many of the apps I like aren't available on other OSes, but even if they were the sheer cost of buying them again and setting everything up just-so keeps me on iDevices.
It's the same with cloud music. When Google and Amazon announced their cloud lockers, I quickly checked my iTunes library size, did a few sums and honked with derision.
You want me to upload all of that? It simply isn't practical on a DSL line unless you've got weeks to spare and an understanding ISP.
I suspect that by offering to match what's in your library rather than upload it, Apple's prevented a lot of people dumping iTunes for Google or Amazon's cloud lockers. And once it's got you, the sheer size of your library and the thought of having to upload the lot of it will keep you loyal.
That's assuming, of course, that cloud music is ready for prime time. I'm not sure it is - especially over here where network coverage is crappy and unlimited mobile internet is nothing of the sort. iTunes Match may have a 25,000 song limit, but I can promise you that your fair usage allowance is much, much smaller.

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Acer unveils Aspire Ethos laptop with touchpad remote

Acer's newly-announced Aspire Ethos is not just a laptop, according to Acer. No, apparently it's a multimedia experience, redefining how you enjoy your music, videos and pictures.
And just how does it do this? It starts with a detachable touchpad to use as a remote control, moves on to a frameless 15- or 18-inch full HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and ends with a choice of Nvidia Geforce graphics cards (GT 555M or GT 540M).
Acer aspire ethos
Powering all this is a second-gen Intel Core processor – an i7, i5 or i3 depending on your budget, and up to 4GB of RAM.
Drive faster
The Aspire Ethos comes with either one or two 500, 640 or 750 GB hard drives and there's the option of a Blu-ray drive if that takes your fancy - no 3D support, though.
As far as connectivity goes, you're looking at Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0 with a card reader, a combo of USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports and an HDMI port to boot.
The Aspire Ethos line up comes with Windows 7 and a UK release date of mid-June.
All this doesn't come cheap, mind you; the Acer Aspire Ethos UK prices will start at £999.

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Tutorial: How to fix iPod, iPhone and iPad problems

What can you do if iTunes can't see your device when you connect it!?
When you plug an iPhone, iPod or iPad into your Mac, the on-screen battery indicator will change to show it's charging or plugged in. Make sure you're not just seeing a normal battery; if you are, try a different USB lead, another USB port and be sure it's connected directly to your Mac and not an external hub.
Furthermore, a device won't show up if it's very low on charge - wait a few minutes until it's got a bit more juice in it and it should appear. If the connection is okay but iTunes is still not recognising it, run Software Update to make sure OS X and iTunes are both up to date. Try switching both your Mac and the device off and then on again.
Some software, including security and anti-virus apps, can cause problems, so try disabling or uninstalling these to see if that helps. Have you got any other iPod or iPhone-related software on your Mac? Uninstall and restart.
"I've lost the music on my Mac but I have it on my iPod"
To protect against music piracy, Apple doesn't enable you to copy music from your iPod to your Mac, but in a case like yours, you have a legitimate need to get music you own off your iPhone or iPod onto your Mac. Download Senuti.
There's a free trial available or the full version costs $19 (about £12). Install it, open the app and plug in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Your music and playlists will appear in the window - select the songs you want and click Transfer.
"Syncing my iOS device without losing what's on it"
This isn't easy, because you need to transfer your iTunes library to the new machine in order for the iPhone or iPod to continue syncing as normal.
On the old Mac, run Software Update to be sure you're running the latest version of iTunes. Next, open iTunes, press Commad+, to open the Preferences and click Advanced. If it isn't already, the Keep iTunes Media folder organised box must be ticked. Doing this will move all your music into one place.
The area above it will show you where the iTunes folder's kept (usually in /Users/yourusername/Music). Locate it in Finder and copy it to your new Mac's desktop (via an external hard drive or USB stick). Now find the iTunes folder on the new Mac. The old must replace the new, but if you've already got media on the newer machine, move its iTunes folder elsewhere on the hard drive for now.
Then put the iTunes folder from your old Mac into /Users/yourusername/Music on the new one and fire up iTunes. All being well, your media library will appear safe and sound and you'll be able to sync away to your heart's content.
"Charging is not supported by this accessory…"
If you see this message there could be a number of reasons your device won't charge. The power from the accessory or USB port may be too low, the cable may not be supported or there could be dirt in your dock connector. Try using a different accessory, cable and USB port, and carefully clean the dock connector in your device.
How to improve iOS battery life
If your battery seems to be running out on your iOS device rather quickly, there are a couple of things you can do.
Disable any features on the device you're not using - 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Push, Location Services and so on - and dim the screen's brightness. Avoid constantly skipping through songs (a better idea is to create playlists on your Mac of tracks you know you want to listen to?).
It's also worth recalibrating your battery, which you can do by running it through a full charge cycle. Essentially, this means running it right down and then charging it fully. Repeat this process once a month.
For more information about how to care for your iPod, iPhone or iPad battery and keep it living longer, have a look at
Quick tip
Newer iOS devices can generally be unplugged from your Mac whenever you please, but we'd recommend you don't do this mid-sync.
Older ones need to be properly ejected first to prevent damage to the contents, so click the eject symbol next to their name in iTunes or drag the icon to the Trash and wait for the OK to disconnect message on the iPod screen.

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Gartner predicts further PC slow-down

Analyst house Gartner has issued a new prediction for worldwide PC growth in 2011, saying that consumers will cause growth to slow to 9.3 per cent.
Its previous prediction for this year was 10.5 per cent, but the downwards revision has come as consumers continue to tighten their financial belts.
It doesn't help that consumers are losing interest in teeny little netbooks and seem to be putting off purchases in order to see how the whole tablet thing pans out.
Notebook apathy
Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner, explains, "Consumer mobile PCs are no longer driving growth, because of sharply declining consumer interest in mini-notebooks.
"Media tablets, such as the iPad, have also impacted mobile growth, but more because they have caused consumers to delay new mobile PC purchases rather than directly replacing aging mobile PCs with media tablets."
Gartner still maintains that tablets won't have much impact on the PC market, with Atwal adding, "We believe direct substitution of media tablets for mobile PCs will be minimal."
Looking up
It's not all bad news for PCs though, says Gartner. Business refresh cycles will keep the market ticking over, and the changing focus of the PC will also revive the consumer sector.
Mr Atwal concludes, "Moving forward, PCs will no longer be a market by themselves, but part of a larger device market that ranges from smart televisions to the most-basic-feature phones.
"Within this market, consumers and professionals will increasingly use the combination of devices that best suits their particular needs."

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Updated: iOS 5: all the latest details

We're expecting big things from Apple this year: the iPhone 5 will be with us at some point in 2011, and some rumours suggest we'll see the iPad 3 as early as this autumn.
But in the meantime there's a new version of iOS, iOS 5 here and it's been revealed during tonight's WWDC 2011 keynote.
Read on for our list of all the new iOS 5 features but for a video rundown of what's new, check out our pal T3's video below:

iOS 5 release date
The iOS release date is Autumn 2011 - probably to coincide with the new iPhone.
iOS 5 compatibility
iOS 5 will work with iPhone 4 and 3GS (the latter is a surprise), iPad and iPad 2, and the iPod touch 3rd and 4th gen. We're also a little surprised to see it's going to be rolled out to the original iPad, but as it has the same hardware as the iPhone 4 we guess Apple doesn't have to cut it loose this time.
iOS 5 goes PC-free
Apple says it is "cutting the cable" with iOS 5 - just as well, as it claimed the iPad 2 was the first post-PC device earlier in the year. OS updates can be delivered over the air - you'll just received what's changed rather than the usual 600MB download - and devices can be activated without plugging them into iTunes. Ace.
You can also now create and delete iOS calendars and mailboxes too, so you really can devolve your device from your PC or Mac.
"You can activate on the device and you're ready to go," explained Apple's Scott Forstall.
"Software updates are now over the air. So you no longer need to plug in to update your software. And they're now Delta updates. Instead of downloading the whole OS, you only download what's changed," he continued.
"We said, why do people go back to a computer? Calendars, people create or delete them. You can do that now. Photo editing, you can do it on the devices. Even mail - you can create folders.
"So if you want to cut the cord, you can."
With iOS 5 and iCloud, you just enter your Apple ID and password, and iCloud will seamlessly integrate with your apps to automatically and wirelessly keep all of your mail, contacts, calendars, photos, apps, books, music and more, up-to-date across all your devices without ever having to connect to a computer.
iOS 5 iMessage
There's now a new messaging service - like text messaging or BlackBerry BBM - but between all iOS users. It's designed for those with iPads and iPod touches primarily, but is cross-device and integrates with the iPhone, too.
The new application supports a multitude of features, including the ability to send pictures, videos or contacts, and also start a group message too. Real-time notifications mean you won't have to wait to see if someone is going to reply.
This is a massive hit to RIM, which prides itself on BBM for BlackBerry. According to Apple, iMessage works both over Wi-Fi and 3G, and if you want to send a message all you have to do is tap the camera icon, pick a pic and you're away.
iOS 5 Notification Center
The new OS has a new system for Notifications. More than 100 billion Notifications have been pushed so far, says Apple, but the company acknowledges that they're annoying. So now there will be a Notification Center to aggregate all the Notifications - you can access it by swiping down from the top of the screen. It is not persistent, but looks a lot like Android. It's on the lock screen, as well.

iOS 5 Newsstand
Further to Apple's subscriptions model, you'll now be able to browse newspapers and magazines to download just as you can books and music. New issues you subscribe to are automatically downloaded.
iOS 5 Twitter support
Much rumoured beforehand, Apple has introduced Twitter natively into iOS 5, with a 'one click' option for applications to let you use Twitter functionality.
All you'll need to do is sign in through the Settings menu and any app can request integration with your Twitter account, meaning no more constant signing in to every new application you download. It's also fully integrated with the Camera and Photo apps, for example.
You can also tweet articles from Safari and locations from Maps.
iOS 5 Safari
A new reading mode has been introduced in Safari, which removes distraction and provides you with a single, scrolling story. Bye bye, ads! You can now also email the contents of the story as well as the link. There's also a Reading List option so you can save stuff to look at later. We bet Read It Later and Instapaper are well chuffed about that. There's also tabbed browsing and lightning-fast window switching.
iOS 5 Reminders
A reminders feature enables you to store Lists, assign reminders to any dates or even location-specific info. These sync across devices and with iCal.
iOS 5 Camera
There's now a camera button on the lock screen, while you can also use the volume button to take pictures - a great addition. Apple says its camera is one of the most commonly used pieces of hardware on photo-sharing sites like Flickr, and has updated the functionality accordingly.
Photo editing software for easy cropping and enhancement has been added in to iOS 5, and pinching to zoom will zoom in on images when you're trying to take a pic.
iOS 5 Mail
The app now has new elements like draggable addresses so you can pop them across from To to Cc or Bcc.
Flagging and full-searchable messages have been added in too, plus rich text formatting for easier interaction with your e-mails.
A built in dictionary makes it easier to keep your spelling under control, and for the iPad: a split keyboard.
Simply grabbing it with your thumbs and sliding upwards will split it in two, making it easier to tap out emails more speedily.
iOS 5 Game Center
Game Center now lets you browse and download games directly, as well as introducing Achievementpoints, There's also Friend Discovery. Gamer profiles have been updated to include photos as well, plus turn-based gaming is baked right into the application for more responsive gaming.
Want to look back at our predictions? Read our previous iOS 5 rumours below:
iOS 5.0 release date isn't until September...
iOS has been around long enough for a pattern to emerge: a springtime reveal and then a summertime launch with the latest iPhone. Not this time, Techcrunch says: while iOS 5 is likely to be shown off at the WWDC event in June, the iOS 5.0 release date will probably be in September.
...or maybe April
According to "trusted sources", a German blog claimed that iOS 5.0 would be released at an Apple event in April. Apple had better get a move on, then.
iOS 5 now looks as though it's being tested in the wild. On 1 May 2011, 9to5 Mac said that it had received word from developers who found that their apps are being tested with iOS 5. And earlier, on 27 April 2011, a tweet from app developer Future Tap said "Just received the first iOS 5.0 crash report. MKUserLocationBreadCrumb sounds interesting."
...and iOS 5.0 might not be on the iPhone 5
There are two possibilities here: either Apple is ripping up its existing annual schedule and keeping the iPhone 5 back until the Autumn too, in which case the iPhone 5 will be an iOS 5.0 device, or Apple is sticking to its annual release and we'll see an iPhone 5.0 in the summer without iOS 5.0. Our money's on the former: the superbly well-connected Jim Dalrymple says this year's WWDC is a software show, not a hardware event.
iOS 5.0 has automatic app downloads
Automatic app updates appear to be coming to iOS devices in the iOS 5 update.
The rumour was kickstarted by a screengrab from iTunes which says, "If your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync."
iOS 5.0 specifications include better notifications
iOS's notification system for SMSes, missed calls and app messages is rubbish, but Cult of Mac reports that good news is coming in iOS 5.0: Apple is "working on a new notification system for iOS and will be buying a small company to build its technology into the operating system" - likely candidates include App Remix, whose Boxcar does what iOS doesn't.
NEW NOTIFICATIONS: Rumours suggest Apple's buying App Remix to boost iOS's notification system
iOS 5.0 features include cloud music and photo sharing
Amazon's already launched its cloud-based music service, but Apple's offering is more ambitious than a few gigs of server space: 9to5 Mac says there's a photo-based social service called Photo Stream in the Photos app and the much-rumoured, cloud-based iTunes service is likely to turn up alongside a revamped MobileMe.
Could iOS 5.0 also include Spaces
A patent filed by Apple suggests that iOS 5 will see 'Spaces' come to the iPad. The patent application shows a touchscreen device with Spaces controlled by multi-touch gestures, which hints at the gesture control that is only available to devs in iOS 4.3 becoming standard.
iOS 5.0 features include beefed-up speech recognition
iOS's voice recognition lags far behind Android's, but that might change with the release of iOS 5.0: according to analysts at Soleil Securities, " Apple's IOS 5.0 for the next-generation iPhone will likely feature deep voice control into the operating system and likely be demonstrated in June. We believe that Apple's partner for the underlying voice recognition technology is Nuance".
SPEAK AND SPELL: Apple and Nuance are reportedly beefing up iOS's speech recognition features

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