[GLOBE] CPROXY 1.1 (update as of April 19, 2011)

1. After long tests we present a new CPROXY version for all Globe users. It uses UDP protocol so it isn't so stable as current CPROXY version, but it allows to bypass restrictions of your ISP.

Well there you go guys, no need for Parent Proxies.

Have fun.

Tutorial link here



2.1 Hotmail Alias Account Creator

2.2 Yahoo Emial Account Creator

2.3 Cproxy Account Signer


3. You can contact us at Facebook
account no. 1
account no. 2

Magic IP + Proxifier

For a better FBT/UBT connection, you can use PROXIFIER to make all application/browsers to have direct connection, that is, no configuration is needed just set them to ‘no proxy’ just like you have a load balance. 

Nakakapagod din kasi na lagyan ng IP ang
lahat ng koConnect sa NET :) 


1.) Download Proxifier here, Install then run. (Crack Included)
   Links here:  Proxifier Software

2.) Click on Options tab then Proxy Settings...

3.) Next click add button for inputting new IP (magic IP).

4.) On Proxy Server Address, just input the MAGIC IP that you want to use then choose HTTPS as PROTOCOL. ( : 80 is working for globe)

More Magic Ip here >  Magic IP's

5.) Choose the server that we add then press OK


6.) Next Go to Options tab>Advance>HTTP TRAFFIC 

7.) Input the follOwing IP same as the IP that we used in setting up the PROXY SERVER then press OK.

8.) Connect your dashboard using default profile. (Globe-Prepaid, Smartbro)

9.) Set your browser to ‘no proxy’ settings.



Enjoy surfing! (YM,Skype,other application may still not work)

For Facebook full site view,  follow the instructions on : Links


Anonymous said...

ayus to!!

Anonymous said...

pano po paganahin ang utorrent d2?? thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks dito sa info..... pano pala maka download using utorrent? pwedi po ba un? thankzzzzzzzz...

Anonymous said...

d ako makapaglog in sa facebook T.T

Anonymous said...

bago ka mag log in ..ilagay mo...

sundin mo lng lahat2x ng mga setup kung panu

Anonymous said...

ako din d mka log sa fb! simula nung sinign out ko ung account ko what to do po kaya sa fb meron clang blocker for this maybe. salamat po sa lahat

Anonymous said...

What i used po is first nag log po ako sa then I choose alternative login then I was redirected to my hopepage then I go to it will be automatically redirected to your normal fb page but, the chat bar is disabled pls help me to fix this problem thanks a lot and more power

Admin said...

if na roadblock k po, use desktop computer using regular connection or mag rent ka muna then sundin mo ung mga itatanung sau like captcha, secret question, tag photos etc.

Admin said...

opo disable ang chatbox, nakasulat naman po sa tutorial pero upload ako html page para makapag chat kau and makapag yahoo mail ng walang problema, pls wait for it.

Anonymous said...

boss paanu po malaman kung connected na? sa ip magic?

wala po bang video tutorial sa youtube?

Admin said...

kapag nakapag browse ka na po then its fine

Anonymous said...


pwede po patulong kung paano o ano ang dapat at tamang ilagay na proxy sa proxifier gamit ang smart bro????...kasi globe lang po ang na example...kung pwede sana pati rin po smart bro...

"smart bro power plug-it" ang brand ng dashboard...latest po sya na release ng smart...

sana matulungan nyo po ako...

or pwede nyo rin po ako e

salamat po....

Anonymous said...


hello po!!! pwede po patulong kung ano ang tamang ilagay na proxy sa proxifier gamit ang smart bro???...kasi globe broadband lang po yung halimbawa...kung pwede sana po pati rin po smart bro...

"smart bro power plug-it" po ang brand ng dashboard ko...latest po ito na release ng smart...sana matulungan nyo po ako...maraming salamat..

Iambeigaruhh Tremendous said...

Meron ba sa mobile nito? Lg p500 phone ku thanks :)

Iambeigaruhh Tremendous said...

Meron ba sa mobile nito? Lg p500 phone ku thanks :)

Iambeigaruhh Tremendous said...

Meron ba sa mobile nito? Lg p500 phone ku thanks :)

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